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Contact Us

For tickets Ring Sue on 01443 433 164 or Diane on  07769 150 505.


You can now pay by card by ringing the landline number, or by clicking on the link below to book yourself.

(There is no charge when paying by card over the phone, but there is a charge of 70pence per ticket when booking on-line)


For any other information contact Sue Dee (Secretary) on

01443 433164, or write to

3 Lon Y Parc, Gelli, Rhondda,  CF41 7LW



or fill in the form below.

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(Find us under ACT 1 theatre group)

For THEATRE/COSTUME hire contact Sue on 01443 433164 or email


For ACT 1 show tickets contact  Sue on 01443 433164 or 07920 040908

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